June 6, 2010

An oasis of calm at the Mission House

Coming across the Mission House for the first time, what resonates is its beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

The Mission House was, until its partial destruction by Hurricane Ivan, one of the oldest buildings in Cayman. The present house owned by the National Trust is a replica, using materials from the old house.
The house is important not just as a place where you can view how people lived in Cayman in the 1900s, but also because of its social significance as a centre of early religion and education.

Now the National Trust hopes to draw on this unique historical backdrop with its secluded grounds and make it available for special functions.

Erika Walton, development and marketing officer for the National Trust, says, “We hope to provide an out-of-the-ordinary event location for intimate gatherings and special events of all sorts.”  She adds, “Any historical backdrop seems to add whimsy or a romantic feel, depending on the event taking place.”

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