The primary goal of our conservation programme is to protect Cayman’s native species and the habitats in which they live. Our work with Grand Cayman’s endemic Blue Iguana and the conservation of this once-critically endangered species is the most well-known venture that falls under this programme. We are, however, also deeply involved in the conservation of our Sister Islands Rock Iguana – a cousin species to the Blue Iguana – as well as the preservation of Cayman’s native bat species.


Through our conservation programme, scientific field research is routinely conducted to study our native and indigenous species in order to further our knowledge and monitor the populations of plants and animals.

Certain endangered species unique to the Cayman Islands, such as the Blue Iguana, are faced with problems so severe that habitat protection along cannot secure their long-term survival and we have had to step in and take necessary steps to ensure their continued livelihood.

High-profile work on these species also stimulates valuable public awareness of conservation issues.