While the work of the Trust is largely coordinated by core staff, much of the interesting and interactive work in the field is done by volunteers. Our volunteers are a group of dedicated and caring individuals with varying skills, passions, time allowances and resources. Volunteer opportunities are often seasonal and/or project-based and volunteers may serve in a variety of ways, either long-term and ongoing or temporary and flexible.



The Heritage Register

Flexible weekday activity

Volunteers are needed to assist with the ongoing updating of the National Trust’s Heritage Register, a record of our three islands’ natural, historic and cultural resources which have been recognised and designated as being nationally significant and worthy of preservation. Service may include site inspections, data collection and data entry.


Blue Iguana Conservation Facility

Daily, weekly, long-term and project-based opportunities available

Caring for our Blue Iguanas requires daily food collection, meal preparation and pen cleaning, as well as project-based tasks, and would not be possible without the assistance of volunteers. Volunteer opportunities range from general duties such as food collection and pen clearing, to skilled labour. All skill sets welcome.


The Mastic Trail

6-10 volunteers needed
Weekday mornings

Volunteers are needed to assist with trimming and/or removing overgrown plants and spreading gravel along the path of the Mastic Trail, a hiking path located in the Mastic Reserve in North Side, Grand Cayman. This opportunity is labour-intensive and will require working in the natural environment while exposed to the elements.