Council Members

Andrew Gibb


Andy has been a resident of the Cayman Islands for over 20 years and has been a council member of the National Trust since 2012, serving in the capacities of Chairman of the Historic Advisory Committee and Trust Council Chairman. He first became involved with the Trust through his wife, Sue, who herself has been an avid participant in the historic programmes committee.

Peter Davey

Vice Chairman

Peter is a founding member of the National Trust. He has served on the Trust Council since 2013 and in the capacity of Vice Chairman since 2016. He also serves on the Trust’s Environmental Advisory Committee. He is a founding member of the Cayman Islands Bird Club and the Cayman Motorsports Association.

Neil Sherlock


Neil is the Chief Financial Officer at a leading offshore law firm. His career in finance spans the Cayman Islands, Dublin and London. He was admitted as an associate to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland in 1997 and as a fellow in 2008. Respect for nature, and a desire to preserve it, form part of his DNA.

John Harris

Legal Advisor

John qualified as a litigation attorney in the UK in 1996 and, today, is a partner at Higgs & Johnson. He moved to the Cayman Islands in 2010 and joined the Trust as legal advisor in 2015.

Zoe Foster


Zoe has over 20 years’ experience in the legal and financial services industries and was previously the eServices Compliance Audit Manager for a leading offshore law firm before she retired. She is passionate about gardening and online peace activism and hopes to use these as a foundation to help preserve and enhance the natural beauty, flora and fauna of the Cayman Islands.

Catherine Frazier

General Elected Member & Historic Programmes Committee Chairman

Cathy’s familial ties to the Cayman Islands dates back nine generations. Her love for the nation’s history, heritage and culture is understandably deeply-rooted. She enjoys genealogy research, supporting cultural and historic events and is an advocate for the natural environment of the Cayman Islands. Cathy has served as the Historic Advisory Committee Chairperson for the past two years.

Olson Anderson

General Elected Member

Olson is a born Caymanian and is an active member of the local community. In addition to his role on the National Trust Council, Olson is a pilot at Cayman Airways and the president of the Cayman Airline Pilot Association. He also volunteered with the Cayman Aids Foundation and the Business Staffing Plan Board.

Joannah Bodden Small

General Elected Member

Joannah is a former partner of a leading offshore law firm, where she was employed for over 10 years. She retired in 2013 to care for her three young children on a full-time basis. In addition to her personal business and community ventures, Joannah enjoys doing charity and volunteer work, reading and travelling. Her time is primarily spent with her family and one of her favourite pastimes is hearing stories of Cayman’s ‘yesteryears’ from older relatives and friends.

Patricia Bradley

General Elected Member

Patricia is a founding member of the National Trust, having served on the Council in various capacities since the early days. She has been a member of the Environmental Advisory Committee for many years and chaired the committee for five years; she also serves on the National Conservation Council. She has always been keenly involved in environmental issues and played a vital role in developing nature tourism in the Sister Islands. Her special interest is birds.

Melanie Carmichael

General Elected Member

Melanie’s involvement in community projects began with the “Shade Brigade” initiative, where she learned how to propagate local shrubs and trees to create her wildly natural home garden, which has become a haven for various species of Cayman’s flora and fauna. Recently, Melanie has dedicated herself to the protection of the George Town Harbour marine life by becoming a driving force within the community group Cruise Port Referendum Cayman, which is advocating for a democratic approach to the proposed Cruise Berthing Facility project.  She has participated in the Plan Cayman, National Conservation Law and George Town Revitalisation public consultations.

Darvin Ebanks

General Elected Member

Darvin has served on the Council for the past 12 years. He is an active member of the George Town District Committee and many recognise him as a member of the ‘Las Tortugas Pirates’, who take Grand Cayman by storm every November during the Pirates Week Festival. A pioneer in the scuba diving industry, Darvin is a well-known cultural personality and photographer. He also serves on the board of the Cayman Catboat Club.

Lisa-Ann Hurlston-McKenzie

General Elected Member

Lisa is an environmental professional whose career in sustainable development, climate change and environmental assessment spans over two decades. Since the mid-1990s she has helped with Trust events and the Heritage Register, sat on the Environmental Advisory Committee and worked to redesign and relaunch the Island Offsets Programme. A former Human Rights Commissioner and past judge for both the Governor’s Conservation Awards and Governor’s Award for Design and Construction Excellence, Lisa continues to serve on the National Conservation Council and chairs its Climate Change Subcommittee.

Hannah Reid

General Elected Member

Hannah holds a joint Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Journalism from Emory University and a Master’s of Science in Environment, Science & Society from the University College London.She has volunteered at the Trust’s Blue Iguana Conservation programme and as a Historic Walking Tour of George Town guide. She is also a Board member of the Protection of Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), the Head of Community for the Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association (CIMPA) and a volunteer with the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre.

Debra Vascik

General Elected Member

Debra has been an active member of the Trust’s Cayman Brac District Committee since 2009, contributing to organisational development, trail and property work, nature hikes, beach clean-ups and social activities. Her background as a research scientist has led to her long-time involvement with the Department of Environment’s Turtle Volunteer programme, where she is qualified and authorised to handle turtle nesting, hatching and excavations. She coordinates a team of turtle patrollers and is currently implementing the new Turtle Tracker iPad programme. Similarly, with the Brown Booby population and Sister Islands Rock Iguana population, she monitors and reports on nesting through all phases of development to maturity. Debra is co-founder of the Brac Wildlife Rescue, which aids and rehabilitates injured birds and iguanas.

West Bay District Committee Chairperson

Alice Mae Coe

Bodden Town District Committee Chairperson

Robert Wood

George Town District Committee Chairperson

Suzan Merren

Little Cayman District Committee Chairperson

Betty Bua

Cayman Brac District Committee Chairperson

Chris Randall

Government Representative for Education

Clive Baker

Government Representative for Tourism

Stran Bodden

Co-Opted Member

Cora Grant

Co-opted Member

Rayal Bodden

Co-opted Member

Carmen Damasco

Co-Opted Member

William Innes

Co-Opted Member

Justin Miller