Download E-Guana App

Get Involved: Download our free E-guana App. 

Blue Iguana Conservation (BIC), managed by the National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) is excited to officially launch ‘E-guana’ – its brand-new Citizen Science Mobile App.

About the app

We are inviting the general public and visitors to the Islands to download our free app, E-guana, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play 

Please use this app to submit pictures of any iguanas seen on any of our three islands, whether alive or deceased.  This vital data will help inform the NTCI of iguana locations so to help us monitor populations of endemic rock iguanas, endemic blue iguanas and manage invasive species, such as green iguanas.

The mobile app was developed in partnership with Jay Mehta, Netclues and funded via private donations and a Darwin Plus R10 grant.

How to guide

Our E-guana app is user-friendly.  Click here to view the ‘How To Guide’ for our E-guana app. 

Collected data will only be used for scientific purposes pertaining to any of the three iguana species found on our Islands: Grand Cayman’s blue iguanas, Sister Islands’ rock Iguanas (Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) or the invasive green iguanas.  The NTCI encourages users to submit sightings, with photographs of the iguana wherever possible, so that more information can be gleaned about the location of iguanas and their threats (Cayman’s endemic species, in particular) which will be highly valuable to the research.