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Heritage Register

The National Trust’s Heritage Register is a record of the Cayman Islands’ natural, historic and cultural resources which are recognised and designated by the Council of the National Trust as being nationally significant and worthy of preservation. This register is a requirement of the National Trust Law (2010 Revised).

Work on the register began in the late 1990s and over 330 sites of importance have been added; entries are predominantly historic homes, civic and religious structures with some natural features. Together, they demonstrate what the Cayman Islands looked like in its early years and how much the islands have changed due to development and the general effects of time.

The sites listed are privately owned and are not the property of the Trust, unless otherwise stated in the site file.

The register is updated on a regular basis and we welcome feedback and comments on the accuracy of the information; any and all comments should be emailed to our Historic Programmes Manager.

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