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The Splits

The Splits is a group of wetlands on the western end of Cayman Brac’s Bluff and comprise of deep, elongated clefts in the limestone bedrock with exposed groundwater at the base.

The ravines at the Splits are 3-12 feet wide, with the cliff rock’s sides rising to meet the surrounding terrain approximately 10-15 feet above the water table. In some places, the split is so narrow it can be stepped across, however at the most western end it is at its widest and provides one of the few year-round sources of water for the birds and wild animals of Cayman Brac.

The Splits is surrounded by forest and the area is an active breeding site for Yellow-crowed Night Herons, Tri-coloured Herons and Green Herons as well as two endemic species of freshwater fish; it is also a popular watering hole for local and migratory birds.

The 26.1-acre land was donated to the Trust by the family of the late Dr. Roy Herrman and Estelle Herrman and was facilitated by the International Reptile Conservation Fund.