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Land Reserve Fund

We are the only local organisation committed to the stewardship of undeveloped land with a focus on establishing a system of protected areas in the Cayman Islands. Our Land Reserve Fund launched in 2010 with the goal to acquire designated high priority environmental areas for protection under the National Trust for the Cayman Islands Law (1987).

The land purchased through the programme is generally deemed ecologically important and may be under threat of rapid urban development. Our Mastic Reserve and Salina Reserve are two key environmental sites which have been largely acquired through the Land Reserve Fund.

Without these areas, the ecosystems and the species contained therein would be lost forever; and without the generous donations of our members, corporate partners and members of the public, we would not be able to continue our work to preserve our biodiversity and native habitats.

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To learn more about the Land Reserve Fund, contact director@nationaltrust.org.ky.