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The Marshes

In 2014, we acquired 10.7 acres of land in Cayman Brac from Mr. Ken Hall in an area known as the Marshes. The land was purchased to protect some of the last remaining wetlands on the island. In 2017, a further 12 acres of land east of the original acreage was donated to the Trust by the family of the late Dr. Roy Herrman and Estelle Herrman and was facilitated by the International Reptile Conservation Fund.

The entire 22.7-acre reserve consists of a series of herbaceous and woody wetlands and is home to a variety of plant and animal species, including Buttonwood trees, Red Mangroves, crabs and a species of shrimp not likely to be found elsewhere on the island.

The Marshes are located between Cayman Brac’s South Side West Road and the Bluff. The site is key to the well-being of Cayman Brac’s natural environment as it provides a water source for the island’s birds and wildlife even during the driest times of year.