May 31, 2023

Highlights: Celebrating Nurse Leila’s Legacy

On Friday afternoon, May 12, 2023 (International Nurses Day, celebrated to pay tribute to Florence Nightingale who was born in Florence, Italy, on the same date in 1820),  under a clear blue sky with at least one hour and a half left before the sun would set, the West Bay District Committee of the National Trust (WBDC/NT)  presented an outdoor concert in the yard of Nurse Leila’s home at 60 W. Church Street in Central West Bay. Dubbed ‘Nurse Leila’s Legacy’, the life of Nurse Leila Yates was told and celebrated through narration, songs, poetry, and instrumental pieces…

The event was well attended with a wide cross-section of persons (from seniors to toddlers – plus two RCIPS Officers keeping us feeling secure) from West Bay, George Town, Prospect and even Bodden Town. …. and gave those in attendance a delightful alternative to a typical Friday afternoon.  One member of the audience – Ms. Allison Hidalgo – wrote a beautiful Facebook post, a portion of which we are privileged to share:  Just got home from an enchanting evening with my son at Nurse Leila’s cultural event! It was nothing short of magical – a true celebration of Caymanian culture. …  From the soothing rhythm of live Caymanian music, to the touching verses of local poetry capturing the essence of being a Caymanian, every moment was a tribute to our rich heritage. …

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