February 28, 2023

Press Release: Håkon’s “Little Walk” Fundraiser

28 February 2023 – National Trust member Håkon Strande is raising money for the Little Cayman District Committee, National Trust (LCDNT) and raising awareness of the colossal ocean plastic pollution problem. Håkon was on a mission to complete a non-stop on-foot traverse of the entire 23 miles of Little Cayman’s coastline to shed light on the amount of plastic in our oceans and to raise funds for non-profit organisations the National Trust For The Cayman Islands and Plastic Free Cayman.

Håkon said of his initiative, “The shorelines around the world are filling up with plastic garbage, in large part from struggling nations where waste management solutions are lacking. On Little Cayman, in the path of trade winds from the Caribbean islands to the east, we get our fair share of this scourge. Having found Little Cayman, this pearl of a place, and seen the difference activism can make – at least towards the symptoms of the problem – with cleaner beaches and shores around the island through volunteerism and organised shore line cleanups, I want to go the extra mile (pun intended) and raise money for further efforts.

“This year I decided to walk non-stop the entire shoreline of Little Cayman, a distance of about 23 miles and ask friends, family and anyone who wished to support efforts to manage the garbage floating up on our shores to support my walk through donations to the National Trust for the Cayman Islands and Plastic Free Cayman.”

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