February 6, 2005

Brac nature reserve consolidated

The Brac Parrot Reserve, a pristine forest and heritage nature trail situated atop Cayman Brac’s famous Bluff, is finally consolidated after 10 years.

The achievement of this longstanding goal was recently made possible by the joint efforts of the Ministry and Department of Environment, the National Trust and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act Grants Program, stated a press release.

‘The Government is pleased to demonstrate its commitment to preserving the natural environment in all three islands by partnering with local and overseas environmentalists on this worthy project,’ said Charles Clifford, Minister for the Environment.

‘In addition to safeguarding our local natural heritage, preservation of habitats of this nature honours our international responsibilities towards the preservation of global biodiversity.’

The purchase and protection of this biodiverse slice of ancient forest land has been a top priority of the National Trust’s Environmental Programmes since 1994, the release said.

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