March 24, 2020

Earth Hour- Fun Things to Do at Home

Earth Hour takes place on Saturday, 28th March.  In an act of solidarity people from all over the world take part by switching off unnecessary lighting from 8:30pm-9:30pm.  The goal is to shed light on climate change.

Locally, we experience the impact of Climate Change through a rise in sea level and bleaching events.  We can expect to see longer dry seasons.  During rainy season we may experience more serious flooding events. Cayman is likely to see stronger hurricanes.  Furthermore, summers will be hotter and they will last longer.  To learn more about the impact of Climate Change locally click here.

With this in mind, we can all do our part to help reduce our carbon footprint.  Simple actions we can take are switching off lights when not needed, unplug devices that are fully charged and items that are not in use, use LED lightbulbs, use an outdoor clothing line whenever possible, and carpool with colleagues, friends and family.

Join us in switching off unnecessary lights during Earth Hour and tag us on Instagram @nationaltrustcayman or Facebook sharing with us how you are celebrating Earth Hour from the comfort of your home.

13 Ways to Spend Earth Hour at Home


  1. Have a night of board games or book readings in candle-light.
  2. Make art in the dark
  3. Make a resolution. Commit to reducing your carbon footprint.
  4. Have a candle-lit dinner
  5. Take a wildlife walk or go star-gazing
  6. Try candle-lit yoga or exercise
  7. Have an unplugged jam session at home
  8. Read a bed time story
  9. Join us virtually and tune in online to one of live Earth Hour streams. Be sure to tag us on Instagram to show us how you are celebrating Earth Hour. Follow us on Instagram @nationaltrustcayman
  10. Camp in your backyard or living room
  11. Practice some night-photography or try out “light-painting”
  12. Create your own mini-golf course using household objects
  13. Dance the night away or hold a silent disco

Earth Hour 2020 Video