July 14, 2022

Get to know your District Committee: Cayman Brac

Debra Vascik shares with us the wonderful projects the Cayman Brac District Committee has worked on.

The Cayman Brac District Committee has been keeping busy this past year!  The Trust House in Cayman Brac was renovated and repaired by members, internet was added to allow for zoom meetings for our membership.  They hosted their annual Queen’s Birthday Tea Party for the first time in two years, and supported many other community groups such as Lions, Humane Society, and an Internship Program with member participation.  The Cayman Brac District Committee continue to maintain National Trust properties for community use such as Sylvia’s Reef and Hermann Beach.

Most recent event hosted by Cayman Brac District Committee was their annual Hot Dog Roast on 12th July for all members and interested folks to learn about what we do on the Brac.  Many of our members of the Cayman Brac District Committee serve as volunteer’s for turtle patrol, Brac wildlife rescue, SCTL response team, green iguana team, and SIRI response team.