August 21, 2023

Press Release: 1932 Storm Survivor Revisits Childhood Home Where Shelter was Provided During the Storm

21 August 2023 – Mr. Phillip Eldemire, (93) of the Eldemire family dynasty hailing from Cayman Brac visited the home where he and his family, as well as many others in the Cayman Brac community, braved the infamous 1932 storm that killed over 100 residents on this tiny Island.

During his visit, Mr. Eldemire was met by the National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ Historic Programmes Manager, Mr. Stuart Wilson and Pastor Thomas French. Mr. Eldemire told the story of how a ‘catboat’ was used to transport persons stranded by the storm’s damage to high ground on the bluff, “We had to bring the catboat around to the back of the house and the water was so high. We loaded everyone into the boat and then took trips back and forth, making our way to the bluff.” Mr. Eldemire said the house was a rallying point for the community after the storm and revealed that the structure used to be closer to the road before being pushed back by the storm’s fury.

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