September 13, 2007

Why I volunteer with Trust

My years as a National Trust volunteer have been fascinating, fun and fulfilling. I’ve enjoyed every day and no amount of work is too much because the goals are so important and so noble.

Through the National Trust, I have found a way to contribute and make a difference – something everyone wants to do. Through the National Trust we can all help to preserve our quality of life and the spirit and beauty of the Cayman Islands for ourselves and for generations to come.

Through my conservation work, I’ve met the very best and most generous people here – those passionate about protecting and preserving the beauty and wildlife of our islands; those who value what we have inherited and honour their ancestors; those who believe that the wild native animals like the Cayman Parrots, the Blue Iguanas, the Whistling Ducks and all the other lesser known local creatures deserve a place to live and a have a right to survive; those who recognize that Cayman forests contain priceless national treasures that could be lost for all time unless we take action now.

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