April 8, 2022

Press Release: National Trust of the Cayman Islands Celebrates 35 Years with National Trust Conference Day with Keynote Speaker, Fabien Cousteau

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, the National Trust of the Cayman Islands (NTCI) has launched NTCI Week, beginning 19 April with National Trust Conference Day. Hosted at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, attendees will experience an interactive conference day dedicated to inspiring passion and action through thought-provoking educational talks by both international and local guest speakers, including Fabien Cousteau. “We are proud of our 35 year legacy and we are excited to celebrate throughout our National Trust Week that is filled with engaging activities for the public to both enjoy and support the National Trust. Our conference day is open to local and international supporters. We look forward to the dynamic conversations with all of our panelists and attendees,” says Laura Butz, Marketing Manager, National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

A deep ocean explorer, environmentally conscious business strategist, and grandson of famed explorer Jacques Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau continues to fulfill his family’s legacy of protecting and preserving the planet’s extensive and endangered marine inhabitants and habitats. Attendees will hear from Fabien as the conference’s Special Keynote Speaker. Mr. Cousteau will be presenting via Zoom. “Our natural environment is our life support system. To cherish and to protect it is to invest in our children’s future. Island nations are the front line benefactors from the results of our decisions and therefore must lead the way for a better tomorrow,” says Fabien Cousteau.

Members of the general public, industry leaders, and high school students are encouraged to take part in this event that will focus not only on current sustainability and national pride, but also what the future holds. Attendees will hear from speakers like top economist and Caribbean advisor, Marla Dukharan, as she discusses banking on the future of two realities: the Metaverse and Heritage, as well as a future legacy youth panel including Brody Thomas, founder of Cayocean Cleanup, and Isabela Watler, a marine biology student at the University of California Santa Cruz. Other international and local speakers will be discussing National Pride, Policy and Protection and Sustainability and Story Through Fashion. “As the NTCI looks to update its strategic plan moving from 2023 into the future, this conference provides an opportunity for us to have dialogue at a national level on what our community feels is important for our future legacy and shape the direction of the plan,” says Mr. Olson Anderson, Chairman, National Trust for the Cayman Islands.

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