May 2, 2022

Press Release: Mangrove Carbon Offset Programme has a new 501c3 Partner!

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands (NTCI) is excited to announce that it has entered into a new partnership with the US-based non-profit organization Mangrove Education (ME) as part of the NTCI’s mangrove protection programme with Island Offsets.

The NTCI partners with the local NGO, Island Offsets, to provide an avenue for local businesses and individuals to offset their carbon footprint by donating to the mangrove fund for the purchase of this vital habitat. After emissions are reduced as much as possible, what remains can be offset through the purchase and protection of this carbon-rich ecosystem to achieve net-zero or carbon neutrality. Funds raised by Island Offsets are used to purchase land that would otherwise have been deforested. The trees are therefore saved to sequester and store carbon for generations to come. This project also provides important co-benefits, including the conservation of critical habitat for Cayman’s unique biodiversity, the protection of the Islands’ natural beauty from indiscriminate development, and increasing the resilience of the Cayman Islands to the effects of a changing climate. Mangroves are famous for their ability to protect neighboring communities from tropical storms and hurricanes which are forecast to become even stronger in the future. Mangroves also create their own rainfall, just like the Amazon, thereby counteracting expected longer periods of drought. In addition, they act as sponges to absorb excess rainfall, forecast to occur more frequently. Finally, these trees create their own microclimate, thereby significantly lowering temperatures in the face of expected heatwaves.

The NTCI and Island Offsets are now collaborating with Mangrove Education (ME) to more easily allow for international donations to be made to the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. Thus, allowing US citizens a tax deductible. Their donation will support the National Trust for the Cayman Islands in our effort to purchase critical mangrove habitats. ME, which is a charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, was incorporated in the United States in September 2019 to provide environmental education, primarily focusing on mangrove ecosystems. This programme is therefore an ideal way for ME and its partners to help educate the public on the benefits of mangrove forests, the value these ecosystems have in sequestering carbon, and how preserving these areas can play an integral role in battling climate change.

“Now that international organizations can support the work of the National Trust in the purchase and protection of this vitally important ecosystem, we are excited to partner with such a like-minded organization” stated Chairman of the NTCI, Olson Anderson.


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Photo Credit: Omari Rankine