Guard House Park

04.06.2020 ntadmin

Historic Programmes Manager of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands, Stuart Wilson hosts a LIVE FB Question and Answer…


Animals of the Cayman Islands

03.06.2020 ntadmin

Catherine Childs of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands tells us about the animals of the Cayman Islands.  


A View From Our Mountains – Cayman’s Geologic History

15.05.2020 ntadmin

We live at sea level and yet on the tops of mountains. The Cayman Islands are the highest peaks of…


Cayman students return from climate change conference

07.01.2020 ntadmin

Protect our Future members Connor Childs, Olivia Zimmer and Steff Mcdermot recently attended the United Nations COP 25 Climate Conference…


National Trust Extraordinary General Meeting

17.12.2019 ntadmin

The National Trust Chairman has called an Extraordinary General Meeting (“the EGM”) as per section 7(2) of the National Trust Bye-Laws (2015), for…


National Trust’s Affidavit and Supporting Documents

16.12.2019 ntadmin

For transparency sake, the National Trust is posting its Affidavit filed on 11th December to highlight the environmental reasons it…


Local students represent the National Trust at UN Climate Change Conference

06.12.2019 ntadmin

Three young students from the Cayman Islands will be attending the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25, taking place…


Champion of the rock iguanas

12.11.2019 ntadmin

Tanja Laaser doesn’t have a cape or a spandex outfit, but when the green iguana hotline rings on Little Cayman,…


Trust: Coral relocation message misleading

31.10.2019 ntadmin

A year after its last statement on the cruise project raising concerns about the loss of marine habitat and wrecks,…


Retired Capt. and Master Mariner weighs in on Cruise Berthing Facility

25.10.2019 ntadmin

Capt. Paul Hurlstone started as a deckhand at the age of 15 in 1946. Capt. Paul has since sailed on…